Gary Grimes

July 18, 1950 - December 13, 2010

"Two Irishmen walk out of a could happen!" was one of my favorite lines Gary Grimes would say on stage as 'Paul McCartney' of 1964 The Tribute.The audience would wait for the next line and slowly realize the joke. The laughter would start to build and build until everyone was laughing and clapping. It made people happy every time we performed and so did Gary.One of a million favorite memories I have of him. Shortly before 3:00 AM this morning, December 13th, my left hand, Gary Grimes graduated from his time here in this earthly plane to his next gig. I lower my head in silence and find all my uncried tears.He was my business partner, my musical partner in 5 bands and several recording projects, the 'Paul' to my 'John', and for over 30 years, my best friend.We opened doors we never imagined would open together, fought and howled together, pissed and moaned together, went to Starbucks and Waffle House together, walked onto thousands of stages all over the world together, and always, always sang our asses off.... and man could he sing! He always considered himself a singer first, not really a musician, and credits me for forcing him to learn to play bass guitar left handed by only bringing a left handed bass to a gig when he was first switching over from right handed. it was an accident, I swear....The truth is much more simple. He was a gifted singer and a determined talented musician who inspired many.. Me included. He showed me the magic a smile and a giggle can have. He loved this forum and the people on it. I never saw him turn anyone away who wanted his attention and he'd give you the shirt off his back for the asking. Faithful husband and devoted loving father. We were who we were. We did what we did. He was and will always be my brother. I've missed him since he was diagnosed. I carry on with a heavy heart and thank you for all the goodness we shared as friends and bandmates. I love you, Gary. I can hear you singing already...Let me know how you're doin', OK?