Great web site, I got it from a friend of yours We talk alot about music and you. Its really cool.
I play guitar and he told me that we should get together because he knows I would be in heaven at your studio. He's right, it would definitely be an experience. Plus I would really dig getting your autograph on a set of drum sticks! I would like to meet you and bring my guitar over and jam. Not that I'm much to talk about but just the experience and the honor would be something to remember. Well, take care and keep it up. Sounds GREAT!
Friend & Fan, Craig Burkhart
Dear eGor;
Seems I was hitting on the wrong button to activate your music. Whoa! I just love it! I especially love, 1) The multi harmony on Good love and the lyrics "Deep underneath your skin..I love the love that's within"...awesome! but my real fav is "Rocket"... especially love the lyrics on that one! I see it as a Harley commercial. Since I have always been a commercial artist, I see all art and music as a way to pitch something. I love the "walk around" sound, too on Rocket where you move the sound from one speaker to the other. Tell me...Who does the lead guitar obligattos? Or is it digied in? Did you digi all the drum parts?  In the old days everyone who spoke of you and the backround vocals always used the same words. They said you sounded like "angels". Have you shopped "Rocket" to anybody? It has such a great commercial sound. It could sell anything. anyway Thanks for the trip, Egor, both then and now. I have really enjoyed the joy you have brought over the years to me. I'll keep in touch. P.S. What about Motley crew for "Rocket" . You'd have to put it out as a single, "A" side. jus' wonderin' - Maria
Dear eGor,
I play your music everyday when I first get on, it gets me started. I do remember Wild Cherry". Didn't they do "Play that Funky Music, white boy?" . I didn't know they were local. I loved trippin' down the lane with your pics! I'd give anything to hear your funky, fatback drums again, you were the best at funk. Thanks, again
I just listened to Rocket. Man you sure put out some good stuff... Loved it. Dave Cutting
Sunset Stalker:
I am sitting here in total darkness listening to it the first time getting chills. It is scary. I love the low sound of your voice on it. I have a habit of leaning into the speaker that carries your low voice on "Don't wanna fall in love". You have such a great low voice! This tune is scary, sexy, and delicious. I love it, too!
All in all, we were much cooler then than the 20-30 year olds are now.... that was still a time when we believed in things and our musicians actually played instruments (just as a thought, can anyone really NAME the best drummers, lead guitars or bass players of today's music??.... there's a "think about" for yah!)..again thanks, and keep on keepin' on!   Lee Lanktree
Hi Gor     Its Karin.     I loved your website.    Miss ya
eGor, I visited your site tonight....very fun to look through....brought back lots of memories.
You've been in some great bands! My girlfriend, Robin & I, were DEVOTED fans of "Ensinbunch."
We used fake i.d.'s and saw you at The Draught House whenever we could. The Counterpoints, actually, was the band that got me started to performing...prior to that, I played guitar with Robin, and we played at coffee houses. Ha....time flies. I wonder how Bonnie Long is doing? Do you ever hear from any of them? I knew John Schultz pretty well....Art....Denny Cerino....Woody....I'm showing my age, no? But, you know what? I think we're blessed to have gone through that time era. I have great memories and was blessed to have worked with some great, great people..."you" included!  I love you too, I miss seeing everyone. We need to try to get together somewhere, somehow.      Connie Sharp
Love your music! Your songs are ageless, that's what I like about them.
Dear eGor,
Everytime I get mail from you it's like I have discovered a new species of flower. I always smile while reading it. I know you're a busy guy, but I am grateful for your friendship... Thank you for taking the time to make an old lady very happy. I really enjoy reading your lyrics, eGor. I especially like "Rocket" when you talk about your four-barrell carb, with a "hocus pocus" fuel. So funny. Thanks...will go to your page as I do everyday!
Hello eGor,
I had the pleasure of working with you for a few months way back in 1969, I play saxophone, and was in the horn section of  Richard Whittington's Adventure. I happened to find your website (very nice), and I thought that I would say hello. I figured that if I waited another 40 years . . . Anyhow, I'm glad to see that you're still in music. I am, too. Best regards, and continued success.                  Rusty Higgins
you never stop amazing me. Man, you got talent seeping out of your pores. I listen to the variety of styles and you are a mixing bowl of creativity. FAR F___ING OUT. I wish I had 1/4 your ability. Later Bro
Just a great production's a good song....good the part "you make the best of it" and  the part where you talk out "can't get you out my mind"...   and the sax.. very sexy... The drum stick on the rim...excellent... thank you for sharing....will listen one more time before I fall off into dream land..............C... From Paradise!
Hey egor,
You've got a great website, enjoyed the tunes and videos. Also dig all the pics. Thanks for the tour of your studio, pretty awesome. A lot of big music is coming out of that little room. Let me know if you need any harp tracks down the road. Later, Ron
Start Bak.....That's just a rockin tune..The horn's...your overdubbing..the full of your voice..all the percussion..just right...great production..Mr. Korg ....and that doc floyd..just sends me......
eGor, Thanks for keeping my fav "Finda girl" and "Rocket" on your website. I love 'em. 
Dear eGor, I first read your lyrics. It saddened me a little, even though I thought they were perfect. Then, I heard the song. I was so glad that it was uptempo !  I am so glad that you let me get to know you through your music, as I never knew this side of you.  To let someone know you through your work, (art or music) is like a doctor opening your chest for everyone to see what's in your heart. I do not take this for granted, and consider myself one of the lucky ones that you chose me to share your art with. I get it. Thanks again, for the tune, keep em coming, I love 'em
I was in the kitchen making my rose-shaped pineapple-coconut muffins, and I heard the Maynard Fergusson type thing on. I thought your tunes had stopped and I was listening to something else. Then...the horn stopped, and then the latino vibe started and suddenly, I started doing the Pachango all over the kitchen, it was funny, but I loved it. So different from your other stuff! Thanks! Ola! It was called Doc Floyd.

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