Stephen John Irwin

Posted at 4:34 a.m. EST Tuesday, January 23, 2001 PORTAGE LAKES -- Stephen John Irwin, 35, died suddenly Jan. 18, 2001.  He had been employed as an automotive technician for Procare in Fairlawn. He is survived by his mother and stepfather, Cheryl A. and Stephen Morton of Akron; father, Robert Irwin of Streetsboro; brother, Scott Irwin of Chicago; and grandmothers, Mrs. Freda Irwin and Mrs. Marilyn Gwinn, both of Wadsworth. And when his vacant place I see, My heart will bound with joy that he was mine so long--my fair young son, and cheer for him whose work is done. There will be no calling hours. A private memorial service will be conducted. The family suggests that memorials be made to the Nature Conservanc, 4245 N. Fairfax Dr. Suite 100, Arlington, Va. 22203, in his memory. (Clifford-Shoemaker, 330-928-2147.)
Since I met Steve I knew he was a person I wanted to know and be a friend. I harassed him daily about work trying to make his work a fun place to be. He will be greatly missed.           J. Fix
The day my best friend Steve Irwin passed away was the hardest day of my life. I have known Steve for the past 11 years and felt he was the brother I never had. It was interesting that we shared the same birthday, not believing in signs of the horoscope Steve and I hit it off right away. It was impossible for anyone who met Steve not to like him. He was the life of every party. Steve gladly helped anyone in need and did not know the meaning of the word no when it came to sacrificing his time or knowledge to help others. In the shop Steve was the one we all turned to when we were in over our heads and even called him at home for insight. Truth be known, we still call on him daily and feel comfort in knowing he is still watching over us. You can find him at the shop from 7 to 5 and then catch him at one of his favorite Portage Lakes watering holes. I feel you measure a manís worth by the legacy he leaves behind. Steveís legacy will live in my mind forever. He was the rock we all leaned on, the guy you always looked forward to seeing after a weekend of partying to hear his adventures. Steve was a manís man. He was living a bachelors life we all dreamed of. Steve was a friend to all. One night he stayed over night at our house and sat in the middle of the floor with my 2 year old daughter at 3:00 am watching The Lion King, and as went to bed they were explaining different scenes to each other from the movie. Although Steveís passing has left a tremendous void in my heart I am very thankful for having the privilege to know Steve. I think everyone who knew Steve was a better person for it. Somehow the prospect of death doesnít seem so sad or gloomy knowing we will, one day, be reunited with Steve. 
Rest in Peace Steve, My co-worker, My brother, My best friend.                                 Bob Faber
I was blessed with the opportunity to have known and worked with Steve for 9 years.  I can remember his early days with Procare, he was a young green technician.  I enjoyed watching Steve grow in knowledge and experience to be one of  Procare's best technicians. I was always amazed, and at times amused to watch Steve diag and repair the most complex of problems on cars. I will miss Steve coming to work in the morning, always on time, boots untied, sweatshirt inside out, coffee in one hand, a pack of donuts in the other and the traditional greeting of "what's up".  Before he would start work he would read his horoscope and it always involved getting a raise.  Then he would check his stocks,  if they made money,  OK,  if they lost,  well that was OK too,  after all it was only money.  Steve was the anchor of our team and  we could always count on him if we needed a helping hand,  a second opinion on a vehicle,  or switching a work schedule.  He was more of a friend than a co-worker.  I will miss his advice on financial issues,  marriage,  and raising children although he had experience in only one of the three.  We have been honored to know Steve and thank him for all the great memories and laughs.  A day won't go by without thoughts of Steve.  I believe things  happen for a reason and can't help but feel that God has a chariot in Heaven that no one can repair except  Steve. "We will miss you"       Marty Long